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While we work hard to achieve our strategic objectives, at CSA we also recognize that we also need to have some fun!

By organizing social events, our social team seeks to boost the morale and performance of our employees, while breaking down personal barriers and eliminating distractions. Social activities are essential to unite our staff, develop strengths and address any weaknesses. These activities help in building interdependence and trust at the firm by empowering individuals to contribute towards reaching the ultimate goals of the firm. At CSA our aim is to help each other grow individually while maintaining quality in our performance!


Regular Team Building Activities

Our management believes that team building events help our team grow stronger. Therefore at CSA we organise frequent memorable, vibrant, effective and motivational events for our employees. Exercises range from short informal sessions at the office to more structured activities out of our premises. While recognizing the positive effects of team building on our firm, CSA tries to take it a step further by coordinating these activities with other NGOs who would also greatly appreciate our input.


Annual Summer BBQ

Our Summer BBQ is one of the very esteemed annual appointments !
Every summer our staff together with their families heads to one of Malta’s popular beaches for some peace and quiet. Employees look forward to take their mind off work and mingle with their colleagues in a very informal environment while enjoying good food. What better way is there to enjoy a good BBQ than with friends and family?


Christmas Lunch

Everyone looks for some time off work at Christmas time. CSA breaks off for Christmas Shut Down with an annual Christmas Lunch to start off the festivities. With a very high yearly response rate, together with our employees CSA finds new places to hold this event where gifts are exchanged, new comers are formally introduced and our managers deliver their annual messages!


Yearly Holidays

Our firm realizes that employees are our greatest asset! Be it Valentine’s, Canival, Easter, Birthdays, CSA always seeks opportunities to acknowledge employees for their loyalty and commitment and make them feel one with our organisation.





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