Payroll Bureau

Keeping your payroll on track

Payroll is becoming more complex given the continuously evolving income tax, social security and labour law provisions. We at CSA offers an efficient and effective means by which a business’ payroll needs are fulfilled, freeing up your people for more productive tasks.

Why Choose CSA?

  • The increased level of confidentiality outsourcing provides, particularly for executive remuneration.
  • one does not need to invest in specialized payroll software and the costs of maintaining and upgrading such software.
  • Assurance is provided that payroll requirements are properly fulfilled.
  • Qualified and experienced staff will provide for all payroll needs.
  • Our Payroll Bureau will ensure an accurate and timely service.
  • We can provide payroll financial information as a periodic and/or annual account or as requested by your company to meet your financial controls and reporting structures.

We can also assist with ad-hoc requirements, including dealing with all starters, leavers, deduction and changes, dealing with and submitting tax forms such as FS3, FS4, FS5 and FS7, as well as dealing with any queries you or your staff may have such as marriage and maternity leave entitlement or returning from maternity leave.

At Charles Scerri & Associates we with our clients to support them based on their company- driven needs, seeking solutions that work for your company. We strive to assist you by taking the hassle of non-core business activities such as payroll and ensure you and your people can focus on doing the job of your business.

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